Strategic Tax Planning

There are a wealth of considerations when examining how to best protect your assets from inheritance tax (IHT) and capital gains tax (CGT).

Arranging your affairs can have a significant impact on the amount that you and your beneficiaries pay.

Often in conjunction with our sister company; Moore Thompson, Chartered Accountants, we provide strategic tax and financial planning advice that minimises total tax over your lifetime and beyond.

Tax Rates (Higher rate taxpayer)

By phasing the disposal of assets over a period of years and by having a diversified portfolio of investments, including tax-free pension pots, you can carefully arrange your affairs to mitigate any liabilities.

We see this as a truly multidisciplinary area of planning and will happily work with your existing professional advisers. If appropriate, we would be delighted to introduce you to the leading experts at  Moore Thompson, that can provide additional support in this regard. Moore Thompson are highly valued and respected Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers and we work very closely together to achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients.

You may even wish to get your family involved at some point, and we offer group servicing packages, giving you a discount based on the size of the entire family portfolio – with the usual confidentiality safeguards in place!