Making Pensions Simple

Pensions are probably, and overall, the most tax efficient investment strategy for most people over the long term;

When you pay in, the government pay in too!

They pay no inheritance tax,

They pay no income tax,

They pay no capital gains tax,

And when you take money out, you only pay income tax on 75% of the withdrawal.

They can be really complicated, but we’ve designed a straightforward process that will help you understand your pensions and get your retirement plans back on track.


The first step to simplifying your pension planning is to understand exactly what you’ve got and begin to put your data into formation.

We first perform a discovery style process so we can begin to understand what all your benefits are worth in combination.


Once we’ve got all your data in-formation we can then start to use our knowledge of the pensions industry and our understanding of your situation.

We will advise, only if appropriate, that you consolidate your pensions, making sure you’re not missing out on any valuable guarantees, discounts or other benefits by transferring.

This makes it simpler for you to understand what your pensions are in simple terms relating to what you’re going to get out of them.


The most important part of the process is reviewing the plan as frequently as necessary to make sure your financial plans are healthy.

We tend to agree a review frequency at outset and then proactively review your plans in the background, getting in touch when changes are necessary.