Elderly people with savings pay £195 more a week on average for care

A new report has identified that those who save for care in later life could pay up £10,000 a year more than those whose bills are met by local councils.

The figures, prepared by care analysts LaingBuisson, found that those who own homes or have saved for care pay around £750 a week on average for their care home bed.

In comparison, similar spaces at homes paid for by local authorities are £195 a week cheaper.

Over a year these extra charges could total £10,140 for someone living in an average residential care home.

The report concludes that as a result, elderly people who have saved throughout their lives could be subsidising the care home places of those who have not saved.

When it comes to more complex care, those paying their own nursing home bills are likely to be charged £1,000 a week, which is £270 a week more than the average amount councils are pay for state-funded nursing homes residents.

The estimates underline the need to ensure that those seeking a private place in care in later life, or who have concerns that they may require private care, should save more to cover the costs of being looked after.

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