Charity, Trustee, and Power of Attorney Investments

We support many different charities to face the hurdles of their fiduciary duties and the ever-changing regulatory landscape. This is from small endowed charities to large schools and other public institutions.

The duties of a modern trustee are onerous and complex, and the last thing they want to be pulled up on is how their money is invested.

For a trustee of a charity (or director of a CASC, or CIO) these duties are even more onerous due to the public benefit requirements.

By using our services, our clients can be comfortable and confident that they are complying with these duties and is invested in a socially responsible manner.

For an attorney, our advice is not ‘delegation’; this means that you can use our services even if you have an older type of power of attorney where specific permission to delegate to a fund manger has not been granted.