Advice for Businesses

Running a business is hard work, involved and making time to sit down and take advice on strategic matters is all but impossible.

It is important, if not crucial, to prioritise long-term and strategic planning. We believe in adding value, immediately if possible, but over the long-term in general.

For early stage businesses the business owner is the key employee. For you, we tend to find that protecting against the worst is the most important piece of planning we can do.

Giving the business financial sustainability and your family financial security need not break the bank and can often be written off as a business expense.

Pensions are an important element for many parts of your business.

Firstly, for you they enable you to begin to separate personal assets from business assets – which hands you all the power when you later decided to move on.

For your staff, you must comply with auto-enrolment, and now everyone has to run a pension; you may want to consider making your pension better than your competitors so you can attract the top talent to your business.

We are experts in pensions legislation and will gladly do all the heavy lifting for you.

Growing the business is hard to achieve. We work very closely with the leading experts at Moore Thompson Chartered Accountants and at other professional firms (such as accountants and solicitors) to assist your business growth where we can.

This may mean easing the pressure on you by using your pensions to buy a commercial premesis.

Most of our corporate clients invite us to talk to their staff regularly and provide seminars and face to face advice to their staff to ensure that all staff are happy and, more importantly, aware of the value of the benefits you are providing them, as one thing that can hit a growth trajectory hard is a retention problem as the business changes from a small to a medium enterprise.

You might decide, at some point, to sell the business and retire.

This is a hugely exciting, stressful, and uncertain time. We are here to ensure that your personal retirement planning is watertight, giving you the power and control to wait for the right offer.

We also work very closely with the tax professionals at Moore Thompson to ensure that such a disposal will be as efficient as possible and that the maximum amount of money possible ends up in your hard-working hands.

You may not want to sell, and pass the business on to family or a close employee.

A large part of what we do when you take the next step, and move on to the next chapter of your life, will be related to life coaching. This is a period of constant revision of the plan to ensure that everything is working as you expected it to.

We want you to continue being productive, fit, and healthy. We are more than happy to help you continue with the vim and vigorous life you had whilst working, whilst gradually getting you used to being a little more relaxed.

We understand businesses and their owners, we know your time is hugely precious and that finding the time to deal with the more important, longer term, corporate and personal financial planning matters can be difficult.

Our expertise is helping many businesses, from early stage entrepreneurs raising funding to get the business started, through to multi-million pound operations, helping them plan for succession, sale, or even greater success.

Our chartered status means that we do this to a high standard and at a high level.