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The value we offer to you comes from our wisdom. In the context of independent financial advice we first help you with your data, and put it in an ordered formation.

The difference now is that you can see your financial situation in a summarised view – this stage of putting your data into formation can provide clarity and highlight potential risks.

We then apply our knowledge and experience to understand your information, this allows us to understand what you’ve got and how you’ve got to where you are today. We can then apply tactical planning strategies here to ensure you are getting maximum value from what you’ve got at the present moment. This stage is what you would call ‘financial advice’.

The key stage, and the genuine value comes from leveraging our wisdom and understanding. This strategic financial planning encompasses a variety of steps.

  • This might be outlining a financial plan and identifying risks to that plan so we can insure against those risks.
  • The strategic planning might involve strategic tax advice to mitigate against a variety of taxes in the future.
  • The plan might be to pass on your wealth and assets to the next generation whilst minimising any costs along the way.

The wisdom we can apply is based on thousands of our clients successfully retiring, selling or passing on their assets, and enjoying the next chapter of life to the full.

If you’re still not clear on how this works, click on one of the links above to take a bit of a deeper dive in how this works for pensions, business owners, inter-generational planning etc.

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